Which car are you?

The kitchen is the most fast paced room in the house. Always bustling about trying to make everyone happy.
If you were a room in a house, what room would you be?


Ethical Philosophy Test Results

1. Augustine (100%)
2. Kant (93%)
3. Aquinas (91%)
4. Rand (78%)
5. Ockham (76%)
6. Spinoza (76%)
7. Mill (68%)
8. Aristotle (67%)
9. Plato (60%)
10. Bentham (58%)
11. Prescriptivism (55%)
12. Stoics (54%)
13. Cynics (54%)
14. Nietzsche (47%)
15. Sartre (40%)
16. Epicureans (39%)
17. Noddings (38%)
18. Hume (29%)
19. Hobbes (3%)

i'm 70's elvis!

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What Psych-Ward do you belong to?

Which Firearm are you?
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Which John Cusack Are You?

I am 49% evil.

I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.

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the vitals
name? dawson (dawson dot com. get it? pretty cool huh? i didn't think so either)
birthday? 7:10 in the am july 1, 1963 (cancer, gemini rising)
married? HA! (no)
kids? not yet. not ever. i am open to the adoption option.
height? 5' 11"
weight? 180 lbs
born? elizabeth city nc (45 minuites from norfolk, va)
reside? wilmington, nc USofA
lived in more than six months? nc(duh)/sc/baltimore, jack/d.c./texas/va/greneda,wi/10 lost years ramblin and acting the fool
visited? i been everywere, man..

the non-vitals
hard music? not really...the boss and tom petty are hard enough for me
nothing?! o.k. i love the glam bands, is that o.k.? sheesh. and bon jovi is still badass...
m.o.r. music? i hate that term dude.
soft music? all 30's & 40's
country? yes, the older stuff : hank, cash, patsy, george jones, etc.
favorite? americana/rural pop/alt. country
beg pardon? uncle tupelo/wilco/son volt/jayhawks/emmylou harriss/lucinda williams/steve earle/ryan adams/townes van zant/john hiatt/16 horsepower/jim white/ many many more...
jazz? absolutely. up until about 1972
blues? Lord yes.
movies? too many for here, a bakers dozen, in no particularlly significance of order:
True Romance
The Apostle
The Princess Bride
Raging Bull
Touch Of Evil
Treasure of the Serria Madre
Key Largo
Fight Club
Taxi Driver
As Good As It Gets

tv? little, mostly news(fox)& docs&cooking
come on... okay, threes company
food? anything but breadfruit. that is some nasty shit.
beverage? water, bier, sweet tea, scuppernong wine, pepsi
food? you asked me that
did i? yes
colour? blue. green. blue/green. but not aqua
worst color? carolina blue
best color? besides black? not a color? wait, blue. green. blue/green. but not aqua
flavour? red meat
scent? fresh cut lumber/burning peat moss/gasoline/cows/pig pickins
seriously? yes
choose one. blood.
why? red meat
beer? pbr me asap or ole milwalkee pbr ain't handy
wine? gallo of sonoma cab/cheap zifindales
expensive? not at all...got some stuff that is...just for looks or the wrong lady
cats? nosireebob
politics? right of centre...kinda an Andrew Sullivanite
in progressive nc? yes, and i'm a proud 3x jessie helms voter (here would be one place I differ with Andrew,,,)
online? the site? or putzing
da website, you tool. since 11.01
dig silence? yesyesyes
tired? a little
wanna quit doing this? no, i'm fine
are you sure? yes, thank you, i'm sure
broken bones? never, but a crushed knee
beg pardon? bike accident
a harley? no, dang it. a trek.
arrested? no, never
trouble with the law at all? nope, never
really? what do you mean by 'trouble with the law'?
not like since the day you were born...like minor infractions?
yes. no.
speeding tickets? yes, perhaps 100
100 tickets? perhaps, 40 is closer to fact
you lie. nope
belive in God? absolutely!
absolutely? yes - i'm a man with much conviction
so you're into religion? no, not at all
what does that mean? religion is man-made...the scriptures are inspired
you don't really believe that? try me. i'm good at this
do you always capitalise 'God'? yes
why? i feel i should, and i will tell you why.
why? because it isn't right not capitalising. A. Solenyztn speaks of a fellow writer in the old USSR who burned his manuscript when the gov run publisher told him to not captilize God. Those who don't are silly or lazy or have a broken keyboard.
that's not a reason! look, i say grace, and i say ma'am, and if you don't like that i don't give a damn. o.k. i ripped that from hank williams, not Hank Williams, the son...but that's my pov
but you're' a christian? yes, i have accepted Christ Jesus as my personal savior, wanna know about it?
family? i thought not
umm, family? yes
where? folks in balto, sis in md, sis in ashville, bro in elizabeth city and the lil bro in russia or sweden or lord knows where (he's adapted and perfected my lifestyle...my bro, not the Lord.)
problems? none at all - i have a wonderful family, a great childhood. i have ocd, and panic disorder...
is that not a problem? i wouldn't be the cool cat that i am w/o that shit.
in-laws? look, i aint married, so no. except, of course the siblings' mates...and they are more like another sis and two more bros
sorry! this is getting old.
wanna ask me something? no
are we done then? yes. please go away.
the skinny:

When I started this little site, it was for a hundred or so friends and family scattered around the globe. I wasn't expecting to write much original stuff myself, just do a quote-and-link-and-cut-and paste-and-make-personal-observation type of thing. Well, a few people stumble in here rather like Peter Sellers stumbles out of the snow in his pajamas in one of those marvelous Pink Panther movies (nobody knows what I'm talking about..?) and I've gotten a few kind emails and some of the best bloggers on the web have linked to me...so. So welcome! please bookmark and vist me daily...should you wish to waste a dime, my phone # is 910.798.8033.(I seldom anwser...)
I live in Wilmington, NC, about 3 miles from the Atlantic, with Gabrielle, the beautiful, bastard Black Lab/Greyhound. We both love to sleep. And yes, to howl at the moon. Thank you. Thank you very much.~dawson

I Am 36% GAY!

That's less gay than average for someone of your gender and supposed orientation. The typical straight guy is 39% gay!
Here's how you compare:

people less gay than you (69%)
people just as gay as you (3%)
people gayer than you (27%)
Based on the 2,054,218 submissions before you.

(This test is skewed! I'm more 'gay' than that!)

You are Stupendous Man!
You are simply amazing, whether you are battling your arch-nemesis Mom Lady, the nefarious Babysitter Girl, or the fiendish Annoying Girl. And you have absolutely nothing to do with mild-mannered Calvin.
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Yuoo ere-a zee Svedeesh Cheff!
Yuoo ere-a a guud cuuk, thuoogh yuoo cun't speek Ingleesh fery vell. Bork Bork Bork!

Whole Brain Dominant
leaning to the left

You enjoy structure and work best when you can devote your attention to one task at a time. You also work well with abstract ideas and can visualize theoretical situations.

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Web Test Taker Analysis
Dawson is a kooky menace with too much free time

You use web tests to annoy people on regular basis. Medication might help.
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